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Tipu Heikin Ashi Pro

Tipu Heikin-Ashi Pro is the modified version of the Tipu Heiken Ashi indicator found here.


  • Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push alerts, email alerts, or visual on-screen alerts.
  • As easy to trade indicator that smooths the noise in the price action.
  • Choose between simple Heikin Ashi and smoothed Heikin Ashi.

Add Tipu Panel (found here) and unlock the following additional features.

  • An easy to use Panel that shows the trend + signal of the selected time frames.
  • Customizable Panel. The panel can be moved to any place on the chart or minimized to allow more space.

Heikin means "the average", and Ashi means "foot" in Japanese. Heikin-Ashi is the Japanese charting technique that uses averages of prices for plotting candles. This technique smooths some noise in the candle charts in effort to give a better trend picture. Tipu HA Pro smoothes Heikin Ashi even further by plotting Heikin Ashi candles as simple moving average of the original Heikin Ashi. Choose your alert and never miss a signal again.

How to Use

The blue candles mean uptrend, and the red candles mean downtrend. For example, if a pertinent period is upward, the panel will show blue color for that period. It will also display a visual "buy" signal after a change of candle color from red to blue. As a best practice, it is recommended to consider signals from other timeframes and/or other indicators before making a trade decision.


  • Show Panel?: visibility settings, select true/false to show panel. (need Tipu Panel added to the chart).
  • Short Name for the Panel: short name for the panel heading on Tipu Panel.
  • Heikin Ashi Type - choose between a simple Heikin Ashi or a smoothed Heikin Ashi. Add Tipu Heikin Ashi Pro to the chart twice, and enjoy both! (also change "short name for the panel", if you are using Tipu Panel.)
  • Alert Shift: candle delay for the signal, enter 1 if you want the alert sent after 1 candle to be passed.
  • Alert Mobile: select true/false to get push notification on your device, make sure the device settings are correct here.
  • Alert onscreen on change: select true/false to get alert on the terminal, this alert shows in a separate window.
  • Alert email on change: select true/false to get email alerts, make sure email settings are correct here.


int tempsignal = (int)iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"Tipu Heikin Ashi Pro",false,"",1,   //use 0 for simple, 1 for smooth
int temptrend = (int)iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"Tipu Heikin Ashi Pro",false,"",1,   //use 0 for simple, 1 for smooth

//if the signal is buy
if (tempsignal == OP_BUY) //or OP_SELL

//if the trend is buy
if (temtrend == OP_BUY)   //or OP_SELL

Kalderashi 2018.09.17 05:12   

This is bad doesn't deserve not even 1 star. I rented this indicator and It didn't have all the features shown in the video.

The panel doesn't show up either.

Mars Montero
Mars Montero 2018.06.15 10:27 

I bought pro version and it is worst than the free version! The panel doesn't show up, this is very useful if it works.

samubore 2017.10.25 17:48 

Best Seller, very professional. Thanks Kaleem

Loris Pezzetta
Loris Pezzetta 2017.04.02 10:25 

incredibile indicatore

Prefa.1930 2017.03.13 11:30 

Very good indicator !

Thanks :-) !

ececarpet 2017.02.19 18:20   

Hi I paid 2 times to rent please return one of my payment

Version 1.20 2016.05.11
Added chart overlay support. Enable "Overlay" (set value to true) to view your existing charts (e.g. bar charts) along with the indicator
Version 1.10 2016.03.16
Added support for all time frames (except month) on Tipu Panel.