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3 Strategies

  • Strategy1 - High risk to reward of about of 4-5:1 but low win percent of around 25%.
  • Strategy2 - Medium risk to reward of about 1:2 and medium win percent of around 70%.
  • Strategy3 - High win percent 90%+ but low risk to reward of about 1:4-8


  • Back tested with over 10 years of data.
  • Uses 99.90% back testing 'every tick'.
  • Works on multiple major pairs unchanged. EURUSD and GBPUSD will work unchanged. Non curve-fitted.
  • Uses realistic spreads. Spreads can be displayed in the chart window.
  • Takes at least around 10 pips of take-profit/stoploss.
  • Trade management, limit different strategies maximum open trades.
  • Limit total orders at any given time.
  • Balance protection. Stop trading if X balance is hit.
  • Floating drawdown limit.
  • Strategy1 can reduce risk on losing streaks and increase/decrease when winning/losing.


  • gmt_offset - GMT offset of your server. Default is IC Markets GMT +2. Negative numbers allowed.
  • use_strategyX - Decide which strategies to use.
  • risk_per_trade_stgX - Decide how much to risk per trade. 3 would be 3 percent per trade.
  • use_internal_timeframes - Use the timeframes in stgX_timeframe below. The advantage of this is that you can use one EA on one chart for all strategies regardless of timeframes.
  • stgX_timeframe - Decide what timeframes to use for each strategy in minutes. 1 Hour time frame would be 60. 4 Hour would be 240.
  • stgX_maxtrades_all - Limit the amount of opened trades for each strategy.
  • stgX_buy_magic_number, stgX_sell_magic_number - Define the magic numbers for each strategy. If set to 1 internal defaults will be set.
  • stgX_min_magic_number, stgX_max_magic_number - Define the magic number range for each strategy. Used to manage the system on a strategy level.
  • close_stgX_weekends - Choose which strategies to close during the week end.
  • Round up - If true and if the distance in pips of the current price to stop-loss is such that your lot size will risk more than your allotted risk then the lot-size will be rounded to the minimum. False will guarantee the risk used in risk_per_trade minus slippage, spread, execution and gaps is used.
  • max_orders - Max amount of totals orders open.
  • use_fix_lot - If this setting is set to true money management will not be used.
  • fixed_lot_size - The lot used when use_fix_lot is set to true.
  • slippage - The amount of tolerable slippage. The lower the better but less likely to be filled.
  • max_equity_drawdown - The maximum amount of equity drawdown the EA will tolerate before closing all trades and disabling trading.
  • minimum_balance - The minimum balance the EA will tolerate before closing all trades and disabling trading.

The below settings are used for strategy1 if stg1_dynamic_risk is set to true. It uses decimal percent and decimal multipliers. For example. The example below states. If the balance drops under 10% decrease the lot size by three quarter else trade at one and a half s the lot size.

  • stg1_dynamic_risk=true
  • loss_percent=0.10
  • when_winning=1.5
  • when_losing=0.75

The below also apply to strategy1 only. It reduces risk on consecutive loses if stg1_reduce_on_consecutive_loss is set to true. The example below states. If the system loses five times in a row reduce the risk by half. If it loses ten times in a row, reduce to a ten.

  • stg1_reduce_on_consecutive_loss=true
  • first_consecutive_loss_level=5
  • second_consecutive_loss_level=10
  • reduce_first_loss_level=0.5
  • reduce_second_loss_level=0.25

Important Strategy1 Settings

  • stg1_max_spread - Set the minimum spread

Important Strategy2 and Strategy3 Settings

  • stgX_max_trades - Sets the maximum amount of trades
  • stgX_max_spread - Set the minimum spread
Ezequiel Mauro Schwab
2016.06.02 21:59 

In live account since yesterday so cannot say anything about trades yet, but this EA seems veryy well done, and what is better, vendor is very helpful and supportive, and he seems very committed to improve the EA. Five stars for it, really appreciated vendor, will update the review once it gets some trades!

2016.04.22 05:14 

This is the real deal. I made 57% in 2 weeks with 14% drawdown. Its only early days but its working exactly as the main live account, actually better :-)


It has easily already paid for itself.

What I like about this robot is that it tends to know the direction instead of silly signals that make a trade then wait for the market to go in there direction. Trades last about a day or 2.

Secondly it works across all pairs unchanged. That gives me confidence for the future.

Losses are also reasonable at the moment smaller then the wins. I have used signals which took massive losses every now and then which out-wieghted the gains.

The good thing about this robot compared to signals is that you can back test, with signals you have no idea what and why they are doing things.

The most important thing though is support. The author gets back to me quickly for even the most trivial things some times not really related about the robot just general forex questions. There has also been 1 or 2 upgrades and there is always improvements to the system, so he's here for the long run constantly improving.

If you are newbe to forex I highly recommend this robot it takes a while to get configured but when done its actually relatively stress free. It makes me look like a good trader.

I just wished it traded more:-(

Version 1.610 - 2016.04.01
Fixed bug with strategy 2 not closing trades correctly.
Fixed lot size calculation with strategy6.
Made changes to default risk on startegy6.
Added a maximum specific lot size option.
Added a smart max lot size option which if max size is reached the average lot size from history times 2 will be used as the max.
Fixed bug with alerts being sent out on all pairs, added a parameter to define one pair.