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Wave Fibo

Wave Fibo is a trading robot for working on a real account. The minimum deposit is $10. The robot finds the first, second, and third waves of the front zigzag reversal using its most stable part to make profit. All positions, targets, and stops are placed on important Fibo levels. Trading is accompanied by trailing stop on certain Fibo levels. Slippage is also considered. The EA features money management.

Strategy Features

Trend waves are defined by standard ZigZag indicator present at each terminal. Using the location of waves as a reference, the robot finds a trend reversal formation, the so-called front zigzag reversal (FZR). FZR consists of three waves. Extension of the wave 3 by the Fibo value of 0.61 from the end point 1 is the most stable trend segment. This is the place where an order is placed and tracked. Stop loss is placed under the base of wave 2 or at its greater length - to the unlikely Fibo level of 0.382 from the beginning of the wave 3. Stop loss is moved to breakeven when reaching the first Fibo target of 0.382 from the wave 1 end point. In conjunction with the adaptive money management, this allows the EA to start trading from the minimum deposit of $10. Lot of trades increases proportionally to growth of the deposit, that is why profit significantly grows when you do not change relative risk level.


Tests with default parameters were performed on EURUSD H1 of 4 and 5-digit quotes on MetaQuotes-Demo and some brokers. In the tester, with the starting deposit of $10, it made $247 (on quotes by MetaQuotes) for one year of operation from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015. With the initial deposit of $100 for the same period, the profit was increased up to $770. A distinctive feature of this robot is a high percentage of profitable trades (75-80%). Trades are made quite rarely (2-3 per month). Robot profitability can be adjusted by setting the money management parameters.

Usage Tips

Default input parameters are optimized for EURUSD H1.

You can start trading with minimum deposit equal to $10, but in this case broker's leverage must be no less than 1:500. You can start trading with $100 or more with leverage 1:100. In any circumstances the bigger the leverage is, the better.

ZigZag indicator is not displayed during operation. You can enable it if necessary. The indicator parameters should be identical to the robot ones.


Main parameters

  • Language - English, Russian;
  • Type broker - broker type (4- or 5-digit);
  • Magic number - magic number for orders;
  • Initial lot - initial lot;
  • Ultimate target Fibo (from 1 wave) - ultimate Fibo target (from wave 1);
  • First target Fibo (from 1 wave) - first Fibo target (from wave 1);
  • Fibo level of stop (from 3 wave) - stop loss Fibo level from the start of wave 3;
  • Maximum risk (points) - maximum risk (points);
  • Minimum ratio of profit/stop - minimum allowable ratio of profit to stop;
  • Clearance - gap above distinctive spots (points);
  • Allowable slippage (points) - allowable slippage (points).

ZigZag parameters - standard values selected based on optimization results

  • Depth;
  • Deviation;
  • Backstep.

Money management

  • Use money management - apply money management (Yes, No);
  • Deposit in point number 1 - deposit in wave 1;
  • Lot in point number 1 - lot in point 2;
  • Deposit in point number 2 - deposit in wave 2;
  • Lot in point number 2 - lot in point 2.

You may perform optimization to find mecessary parameters for other currencies and timeframes. Optimize the following parameters: Depth, Deviation, Backstep, Maximum risk, and Minimum ratio of profit/stop. You can also place other Fibo levels.

If you have purchased the product and/or you have questions, write me a private message. I will be glad to help you.
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