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Scalper Boss MT5

The Scalper Boss scalping indicator helps to determine the price pivot points, so that you can trade with minimal risk.

Arrows appear at the opening of a bar and do not disappear.

The indicator does not redraw its values. It works on all currency pairs and on time frames from M1 to M30.

Selection of the indicator sensitivity is performed by the Sensitivity parameter.

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Version 2.0 2016.03.08
Added the new signal analysis algorithm using the pink and blue arrows:
Buy signal - blue arrow on a bar's Low,
Sell signal - pink arrow on a bar's High.
Added Bar_Null input parameter - select if signals are to be analyzed considering the zero bar or by its closing. If Bar_Null==true, both algorithms consider the zero bar. If Bar_Null==false, the zero bar is not considered.
Added Threshold input parameter - set the indicator activation threshold if the price moves within a narrow horizontal range. Suitable values are 5-20.