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Scalper Boss MT4

The Scalper Boss indicator has been developed for scalping. The indicator helps to determine the pivot points, so that you can trade with minimal risk.

The indicator has a Sensitivity parameter to adjust the sensitivity.

The indicator works on all currency pairs and on time frames from M1 to M30.

Arrows appear at the opening of a bar and do not disappear. The indicator does not redraw its values. But that does not mean you have to trade strictly from arrow to arrow. Quite often, the price continues to move after a short stop. Therefore, in some cases, if the trade is profitable, you can transfer it to breakeven and wait.

The MT5 version of the Scalper Boss indicator grants additional trading optimization possibilities due to the intermediate timeframes present in the terminal.

abramaleks 2017.03.11 06:25 

A good entry and exit tool. Five stars.

fractal freak X
fractal freak X 2016.01.28 15:38   


Version 2.0 - 2016.01.26
Added new trend analyzer.
The 'Shift' input parameter sets the value of the offset between the arrows and the analyzer text.
For the currency pairs with 3 decimal places the value of 'Shift' must be multiplied by 100.