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Hanseatic Stoller Tracker

System Stoller% uses Williams% and StarcBands to calculate trend, entries and exits.

Searches for entries and exits on the current symbol.

Works only for H1 timeframe.

Input parameters:

  • Period:Number of bars to search.
  • Refresh_min: Number of minutes to wait between searches.
  • ShowTrendChanges: Signals on trend changes.
  • UseADXFilter: Confirm entry using ADX on M15.
  • ExtendPeriod: Extend period to calculate signals order.
  • BullColor: Font color on buy entries.
  • BearColor: Font color on sell entries.
  • ShowSignals: Draws a vertical line on the main chart for every signal found.

Results on screen:

  • W%-M Distance between Williams% indicator and its moving average.
  • #CRG Order of the signal.
  • Will% Williams% indicator value going up (UP) or down (DN).
  • Price Signal price.
  • Date Date of the signal in the following format: "hour:minute day/month"
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