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Input level

The indicator searches for the levels, which would be the most suitable for placing orders.

The calculation is based on support/resistance levels which are in turn determined using certain candle patterns.

The fundamental task of the indicator is to determine the trading levels. That is, the indicator is designed to provide you with a preferable level of a direct trade entry, but it is necessary to consider that it does not help to determine the entry direction.

Example: The indicator shows 2 levels on Н1. By analyzing the situation, you determine your trade direction. You place an order, taking the spread and a possible flop into account, and await its activation.

Convenient for intraday trading.

The indicator does not repaint, and the levels marked by the indicator are support/resistance ones.

It is convenient both for beginners and professionals.


  • HISTORY - history depth, 0 - entire history.
  • diapozon - enable range.
  • DIGITS - number of decimal places
  • colorBUY - buy level pointer color.
  • colorSELL - sell level pointer color.
  • colorDiapozon - range level pointer color.
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