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Ultimate Reversal Scanner With Trend Filter

This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee. And it has been designed to identify the 'Three Line Strike' reversal pattern.

According to Thomas Bulkowski (internationally-known author and a leading expert on candlestick patterns), the 'Three Line Strike' has the highest overall performance rank of any candlestick pattern. Bulkowski's best-selling book "Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns" is recognized around the world, as the premier reference on chart pattern analysis.

This indicator analyzes the entire forex market (all 28 pairs and all time-frames). And it sends you an alert when one of these patterns is identified.

Please note:

This pattern DOES NOT appear very often. But when it does, it is a very high-probability setup. And the higher the time-frame, the more reliable the signal. See the images below for further reference.

Indicator Parameters

  • RSI Period: Setting for RSI filter
  • RSI Up Level: Overbought level for RSI filter. Pattern must form above this level in order to be valid.
  • RSI Down Level: Oversold level for RSI filter. Pattern must form below this level in order to be valid.
  • Symbols: Here is where you select which pairs to monitor. The indicator monitors the top 28 pairs by default, but you can select less pairs if you wish.
  • Alert on M1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on M5: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on M15: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on M30: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on H1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on H4: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on D1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on W1: True = Yes, False = No
  • Alert on MN1: True = Yes, False = No

For best performance, make sure to set your 'max bars' to 50000 or less.

See the screenshots below for further details. Contact us if you have any questions.

Make sure to see our other indicators and watch our short videos. There is much more information (and our trading guidelines) on these videos.

2017.05.17 00:12 

I agree 100% with the previous review. In addition I would not want to manually trade without the several indicators that I have obtained from this developer, including this one. They work as designed and afford me the opportunity to manually trade and keep abreast of the market but only the portion I'm interested in. Could not say enough about the developer, always there when needed.

2017.04.30 19:47 

I am done with letting EAs ruin my accounts, from now on I will only do manual trades by trade confirmations with indicators like this!

These people are great and know what they are talking about. You can trust them, thanks for awesome support!