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Trend Follower Indicator

Trend Follower Indicator is a very smart and reliable trend trading tool. This indicator ignores abrupt price movements. It detects virtually perfect conditions to go with the trend. The indicator is suitable for trading on lower time frames as it ignores sudden price spikes or price correction due to reduction in the market noise around the mean value of the price.

Trend Follower Indicator displays a colored line around the price range. The colored neon line represents the mean value of the price of the pair. If the mean value of the price is blue, you should look for entry points for long positions when the market is close to the neon light. If the mean value of the price is red, you should look for entry points for short positions when the market is close to the neon light.

Please keep in mind your Risk Management when you trade this indicator or any other strategy. I advice you to use my Risk Management Indicator for a better trade position management.


  • This indicator never repaints, backpaints or recalculates the lines and trades.
  • This indicator can be used with an additional indicator or strategy for maximum accuracy.
  • Custom color features are possible


  • TotalTrades - The total number of past signals
  • Best Profit The trade with the most profit in pips
  • Average Profit - The average profit for all the trades taken
  • Minimum Move - Same calculation method applied to Average Profit but it uses the past signals lower than the average profit value. We can use this value as Minimum Takeprofit or Exit Strategy Value for scalping

Indicator parameters

  • Averaging - This is an integer value between 1 and 5. The indicator needs zero optimization.
  • Colors - Custom Line Widths and Colors
  • NotifyAlert - Alerts for new signal
  • NoriftyMail - Mail alert for new signal
  • NotifyPush - push alerts for new signal
  • NortifySound - Sound Alerts for new signal
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Version 2.0 2016.02.15
Version 2.

1. neon line can be disabled. you can adjust the lines thickness and color.

2. The font of the statistics is adjustable.

3. percentage of profitable trades at the statistics information are added.