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The indicator searches for short-term market movements like:

  1. trend
  2. trend-like movement
  3. tendency

The calculation is based on support/resistance levels which are in turn determined using certain candle patterns.

The fundamental task of the indicator is to determine the direction of a trade. The indicator does not provide you with a preferable trend direction but rather hints at the direction of the next trade you are looking forward to making.

Example: The indicator shows the upward movement on Н1. We switch to М1, М5, and М30 timeframes and wait for a correction. The entry is performed at the correction breakthrough. A stop is placed at the correction's extremum.

The indicator is convenient for the intraday trading using a simple support/resistance breakthrough or position averaging strategy.

The indicator does not repaint, and the levels marked by the indicator are support/resistance ones.

It is convenient both for beginners and professionals.


  • HISTORY - history depth, 0 - entire history.
  • colorHigh - downward movement pointer color.
  • colorLow - upward movement pointer color.
Сергей Жигалов
2017.03.26 21:45 

Бесполезнный,запаздывает на несколько свечей когда тренд уже поменялся.

Version 1.90 - 2015.12.24
Added a new parameter
DIGITS - digits