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Verdure MultiCurrency Volatility Profile


In Forex any currency does not move in isolation. A true up or down move must be triggered by factors that impact the overall outlook of the currency. For example, if EUR is truly strong, it should be strong across all it's pairs (i.e. EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURCHF, EURCAD, EURAUD, EURNZD). Verdure MultiCurrency Volatility Profile is purely a Price Action indicator that tracks the open and close prices of all 28 major Forex currency pairs and calculates a volatility value based on every tick in real time. It computes a moving average over a period and presents an accurately smoothed volatility value that truly reflects market action for any currency pair. It only tracks raw price data and not data from another indicator and it does not use any complicated formula or algorithm in calculating volatility.
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  • Multi-currency indicator
  • Accurate, highly sensitive and real time update of volatility
  • Volatility across all 28 major Forex currency pairs is monitored in real time
  • Tracks open, high, low and close values in real time
  • Volatility values are displayed as a histogram.
  • Indicators can be used on ALL timeframes
  • Alert, Email or Mobile Push Notifications are generated for every trade opportunity across 28 pairs from a single chart (Verdure PA Volatility Matrix only). Alert, Email or Mobile Push Notifications can be configured from the input tab.

How to use in trading

Using this indicator is very simple and market action can be seen in real time. For any pair, when volatility value is above the 0 mark, consider a buy position. When the volatility value is below the 0 mark, consider a sell position.


  • Make sure the MARKET WATCH is visible (from View Menu, select 'Market Watch' or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M)
  • Make sure all FOREX symbols are present in MARKET WATCH (right click any symbol in Market Watch, point to 'Sets' and Click 'forexall')
  • Open the chart you want to place the indicator on (Right click the symbol on Market Watch and click 'Chart Window')
  • Make sure the chart view is on the most recent bar (click 'Chart Shift' on Charts Toolbar)
  • Drag the indicator from the Navigator unto the chart and edit input parameters to suit you

Due to the computational intensity, the maximum values of bars is locked to 1 000 bars for initial calculation. You may specify any value up to 1 000 in the parameter 'MaxBars'.

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