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Market Follower Demo

The demo version of the indicator does not display data on the last 25 bars but is perfect for testing.

The Market Follower Demo indicator displays two types of potential entry points on the chart (by trend and by absolute reversal points).

The entry point for the trend is displayed by a circle. Indicator qualifies the presence of a trend at a certain interval by a certain algorithm. Then it displays a potential entry point after a correction. For the successful use of these points, it is recommended to use at least M30 timeframe and confirmation on smaller timeframes.

The Absolute reversal points assume that at least a correction of price movement starts at them (and may be even a reversal). They are displayed on the chart as arrows. These points take into account the movement in several timeframes. I recommend to open a higher timeframe (for example, M15) to obtain data on the main one (for example, M5). Sometimes, an entry point for a trend and an absolute reversal points coincide. These signals are the strongest ones.


  • Accuracy – degree of accuracy of the entry signals. It can vary from 0 to 20. The default is 10. Accuracy of signals decreases with a decrease of the parameter, but their numbers are increasing.
  • Alert – set an alert when a signal appears. True – display alert, False – no alert. Default value is False. The example of Alert: "MF (a title of the indicator) ABSOLUT (a type of a signal ABSOLUT or TREND) USDCAD (a currency pair) _M15 (timeframe) - SELL (deal BUY or SELL)".
  • E-mail – send aneE-mail when a signal appears. True – send the email, False – no email. Default value is False. The content of the email is similar to the alert. Subject of the email: "Market Follower". Make sure the Tools-Options-Email parameters are set correctly.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 15:30 

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