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Tipu Candles Patterns

Tipu Candles Pattern uses candlestick pattern class by MetaQuotes found here. The candlestick class has been re-written to suit MQL4, and combined with the panel class written for the Tipu Panel.


  • Support for Multi Time Frame Candle Patterns.
  • Visual display of the last candle pattern and the age of the pattern
  • Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push alerts, email alerts, or visual on-screen alerts.

Candlestick charting is a Japanese technique of charting that was first introduced in the 17th century. Steve Nison is known worldwide as the father of modern candlestick charting and has written many books on the candlestick charting technique.

How to Use

Tipu Candle Patterns is a multi time frame pattern recognition indicator. It visually marks patterns for multiple time frames on the chart, and also shows their age on the panel. For example, if a bullish engulfing pattern appears on a H1 chart, Tipu Candle Patterns will create box around the pattern and change the panel representing H1. This visual box will be visible on lower time frame (M5, M15, M30), but will not be visible on higher time frame.


  • Bearish/Bullish/Neutral Pattern Colors - choose color that will be used to mark the chart, same colors are used in the panel.
  • Box Line Style/Width - visual settings for the boxes on the chart
  • Max Candles to check - number of candles to look back to check patterns
  • Fill Box - fill the boxes on the chart
  • Show Panel - visibility settings, select true/false to show the panel
  • ... 5 Mins ? - show 5 min trend + signals on the panel, select true/false
  • ... 15 mins ? - show 15 min trend + signals on the panel, select true/false
  • ... 1 hour ? - show 1 hour trend + signals on the panel, select true/false
  • ... 4 hour ? - show 4 hour trend + signals on the panel, select true/false
  • ... 1 day ? - show 1 day trend + signals on the panel, select true/false
  • ... 1 week ? - show 1 week trend + signals on the panel, select true/false
  • Signal Settings - choose from the 16 candlestick pattern signal to enable, select true/false
  • Alert Shift - candle delay for the signal, enter 1 if you want the alert sent after 1 candle to be passed
  • Alert Mobile - select true/false to get push notification on your device, make sure the device settings are correct here
  • Alert Onscreen - select true/false to get alert on the terminal, this alert shows in a separate window
  • Alert Email - select true/false to get email alerts, make sure email settings are correct here


Nison, S. (1991). Japanese candlestick charting techniques: A contemporary guide to the ancient investment techniques of the Far East. New York: New York Institute of Finance.

Harun Celik
Harun Celik 2017.05.12 01:28 

Warning feature does not give false alarm

Midhat Mujeer
Midhat Mujeer 2016.01.06 16:38 

nice, works well with the Tipu Trend indicator when combined with the high probability patterns like Engulfing, hammer/hanging man.

Version 1.10 2016.07.22
Added support for M30 timeframe.
Added option to hide Panel.
Added option to display candlestick patterns for current timeframe only.
Fixed disappearing panel on window resize.
Fixed conflict with trade levels. The panel was moving trade levels when it was overlapped with trade levels.