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If the trend is your friend, what is the trend? You know? No! Ok. I want to show you one simple system. The system is quite simple and requires 5 minutes a day. It is based on the indicator Anaconda. We look for falling or rising trend in W1,D1 and H4 chart (red color snake - downtrend , green color snake - uptrend). We enter on M15. Simple?

Thousands of indicators. Why this? Is good ? No! Is very good. Please test the indicator prior to purchasing.


Gann Grid

Gann grid is one of popular tool used by traders to analyze strength of trends and to predict trend changes. It is an easy to follow indicator helpful for investors, long-term traders and swing traders.

Demo and real only.


This is an arrow indicator based on the behavior prices. Optimization on the chart. Demo and real only.


  1. Sense required


  1. Consequence on chart

On the Chart

  1. Nbars - number of the analyzed bars.
  2. Trend Up in Bars.
  3. Trend Down in Bars.
  4. Percent Up - (Trend Up in Bars/Nbars) * 100.
  5. Percent Down - (Trend Down in Bars/Nbars) * 100.
  6. Gann Plus. Demo and real only.
  7. Gann Minus. Demo and real only.
  8. Start Analyzer. Demo and real only.
  9. Calculator. Demo and real only.

Input Parameters

  • ID: ID of the current chart.
  • Number of the analyzed bars [Nbars].
  • Indicator Manages some aspects on the chart : true/false (Scale Set, Foreground Set,Chart Scale Fix Set). Recommended true.
  • Information on chart: true/false demo and real only.
  • Color scheme Black on White[Background]: true/false.
  • Signals on the chart: true/false. Move the mouse on Start Analyzer on chart. Not click!
  • Calculator on the chart: true/false. Press of key number 1. [demo and real only]
  • Gann Grid: true/false Gann Grid on the chart. Time Frame H1, H4 and D1 only. The settings are automatically saved separately for H1, H4, D1. Exist in the client terminal during 4 weeks since their last use, then they are automatically deleted. Scale - press of key number 3 (plus) or 4 (minus). Grid size - move the mouse on Gann Plus or Gann Minus on chart. Not click!
  • Sound[Tick]: true/false Play sound.
  • Color Information on chart
  • Color of the snake[up] on chart
  • Color of the snake[down] on chart
  • Color signal
  • Color Gann Grid
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Arrow size
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Version 1.60 - 2016.01.15
Code optimization.
What kind of signaling is involved in prices: true = new signals/ false = old signals.
Version 1.50 - 2016.01.05
Gann Grid in the background: true/false.
Overbalance: true/false (proven method of trading).
On Init Pley Sound: true/false.
Sound_wav: only wav. The file must be located in terminal_directory\Sounds or its sub-directory. Only wav. files are played.
Alert. Signal Buy and Sell: true/false.
Color Overbalance[up] or Colors (settings).
Color Overbalance[down] or Colors (settings).
Rules monitoring and evaluation: true/false.
Rules Trading cannot exceed 63 characters including spaces.
r1="Rules for Trading the Forex Market";
r2="Rules for Trading the Forex Market";
r3="Rules for Trading the Forex Market";
r4="Rules for Trading the Forex Market";
r5="Rules for Trading the Forex Market";
r6="Rules for Trading the Forex Market";
Deletes files(csv.)true/false.
On the Chart:
Button Overbalance (instruction on the chart).
Important! Move the mouse to upper left corner on a chart.
Button Show Test
Button Plus
Button Minus
Buton Reset Test

You have a problem? Please write.