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Binary Analyzer M1 MT4

The indicator is designed for 60 second binary options trading, it shows the expected direction and probability of option expiration on the current bar. CALL or PUT signals appear on every bar, the signals are not redrawn. The indicator analysis algorithm takes into account the short-term price action. Arrow indication time is set in the Timer input. The Threshold input allows configuring the maximum bar range, starting from which the indicator will start estimating the probability of option triggering in the desired direction. The indicator works on all symbols and timeframes.

The indicator shows

  • Expected option expiry direction - an arrow on the current bar.
  • The probability of the option expiry in that direction - the number next to the current bar.

Input parameters

  • Timer - arrow indication time in seconds.
  • Threshold - minimum bar range for option expiration probability evaluation, points. Valid values are 0 to 20.
  • Min_Percent - setting the minimum value for probability indication. The lowest value is displayed as 0.
  • Shift - distance between an arrow and the bar high/low in points. Valid values are 20 to 50.
khuanloredo 2017.03.27 14:15 


Vilmar Tavares
Vilmar Tavares 2016.02.11 14:30 

Signals are random . It is not good.

Version 4.0 2017.01.25
New inputs: Threshold, Min_Percent and Shift.
Version 3.0 2016.11.04
Author's details have been added to copyright.
Version 2.0 2016.01.04
New parameter Timer for setting signal indication time.