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KL Chart Auto Focus

If the price is being squeezed at the bottom or top of the chart, then many times you cannot see and you cannot easily manage the stop loss and the take profit of your orders that are below or above visible prices of the chart. Of course, it can be also the nearest support or resistance.

The "KL Chart Auto Focus" moves current price at the middle of the chart, allows you scrolling chart vertically by mouse dragging, so now you can manage your orders easily.

If you will attach the ‘KL Chart Auto Focus’ to the chart once again, then the script will restore automatic scale fix of the MetaTrader platform.

Every another attaching of the ‘KL Chart Auto Focus’ to the chart is replacing previous chart settings. For easy attaching, I recommend you to set the hotkey, e.g. Alt + F.

It is a very useful tool that I am using quite a long time.


Technical Description

KL Chart Auto Focus is switching on/off the chart Scale Fix, it sets price at middle of the chart and aligns candle size according to a timeframe and window size of the chart. It is a very useful feature especially if you cannot see or you cannot manage the SL or TP lines.

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