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SimplyScalper(SS) is a fully automatic (semi-)scalping robot working with ticks and acting during high volatility market conditions (mostly during news release). Technical indicators are also used to improve accuracy on market entries.

Its non-aggressive strategy allows to tolerate relatively high floating spreads (up to 2-3 pips).

WARNING: so far, this EA has been tested only on the Strategy Tester with real ticks and on a demo account (with floating spread). For this reason it cannot be purchased but it can be rented at a very cheap price, until its effectiveness is verified on real accounts (with slippage/requotes/execution delay, etc.). This is intended to encourage traders to test it in real conditions and to report their results.

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  • It places one market order at a time.
  • Automatic Trailing-Stop trade management strategy.
  • Solid risk/money management.
  • Tested on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD (M1 timeframe, see screenshots).
  • No martingale, no average, no grids, no arbitrage.
  • Very few parameters. Easy to configure and optimize.
  • It can execute trades on ECN brokers.
  • It automatically detects 4/5-digits broker type.


  • Good server connection with a fast execution, a low latency time and low slippage/requotes (the use of a VPS on a No Dealing Desk broker is recommended).
  • A relatively low spread (<3 pips) and low stoplevels (under 2 pips) are desirable (see screenshots).

Remember that you are solely responsible of any loss arising from the use of this product (see rule VI ).


Trade management (remember that on 5-digits brokers 1 pip = 10 points):

  • Maximum_Spread: the maximum tolerated spread (in pips), above which no orders are placed.
  • Volatility_threshold: the lower the volatility the more numerous the trades, the less profitable they are (higher DD).
  • Self_Adjustment: if true the volatility threshold is automatically adjusted according to the profit factor of the latest 30 executed orders.
  • TrailingStop_Distance: the initial distance of the stop-loss (in pips).
  • TrailingStop_Min_Profit: the minimum profit (in pips) at which the stop-loss starts to move.
  • Slippage: the slippage in pips.

The following trading times are intended in GMT. The EA automatically recognizes the correct GMT offset of your broker during live (or demo) trading.

  • Start_Trading_From: the time (0-24h) at which trading new orders can be placed.
  • Stop_Trading_At: the time (0-24h) after which no new orders are placed.
  • On_Friday_Stop_Trading_At: the time (0-24h) after which no new orders are placed on Friday.
  • History_Data_GMT_Offset: the GMT offset which the history data used for backtesting (e.g. real ticks) refer to (only effective within the Strategy Tester).

Risk/money management:

  • Risk_Management_Enabled: if true then the lots are automatically determined so to fit the required single trade risk.
  • Fixed_Lot: fixed order lot when risk management is disabled (Risk_Management_Enabled= false).
The next 3 parameters are ignored if Risk_Management_Enabled is false.
  • Single_Trade_Risk_Percentage: the maximum admitted loss in a single trade (as a percentage of the equity). If the minimum amount of a lot permitted by the broker is too high to satisfy this constraint then trading is suspended (no new order is placed).
  • Min_Free_Margin_For_Trading: the minimum amount of free margin (as a percentage of the equity) to allow SS to trade. When the free margin drops below this value, trading is suspended.
  • Max_Free_Margin_Per_Trade: the maximum percentage of the free margin that SS can allocate to place an order. This will pose a limit to the maximum amount of a lot.
  • Minimum_Equity_For_Trading: trading is suspended when the equity drops below this value.


  • Magic_Number: the unique number identifying the EA orders.
  • Comment: optional comment inserted in trading orders.
  • Commission_Per_Lot: broker commission for one lot order (used in the Strategy Tester only). If >0, then the total amount of commissions is calculated and subtracted to the gross profit and the result is returned by the OnTester function. Thus, SS can be optimized taking commissions into account, by selecting "Optimized parameter: Custom" in the "Testing" tab of the "Expert Properties" window.

See the screenshots for optimized parameters (expressed in pips) for GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, during 2015.

Any test in the Strategy Tester must be performed in "Every tick mode" (with real ticks)

Some relevant statistical information on trading is displayed by SS in a chart comment. It is kept even if the EA is removed, thanks to the use of Terminal global variables. To reset this information, the user can manually delete the variables named SS_<ServerName>_<Symbol>_x,where x is a character, when SS is not running.

WARNING: for security reasons, if the EA is removed when an order is in progress, then a fixed take-profit is automatically set on it.
Paolo Ronchetti
Paolo Ronchetti 2017.09.09 21:09 

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Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.08.08 10:31 

Good performance after running live trade for few months.

It's working well with good broker and VPS.

This scalper can beat most of other scalper which have higher price.

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2017.06.26 23:53 

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Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2016.03.20 22:05 


Version 2.2 2017.03.02

- Bug fixed in trading time determination.

- If the spread gets higher than MaxSpread when a sell order is already open, then this order is closed as soon as it is in profit.
Version 2.1 2017.02.15
- Severe bug fixed in GMT time zone handling (thanks to Yaotang Liu!).

- Trade on Friday can be disabled.

- Small bug fixed in profit factor and drawdown calculation.
Version 2.0 2016.12.27
- Added Self_Adjustment flag parameter. If 'true' the EA adapts itself to the market condition, by automatically adjusting the "Volatility Threshold", according to the statistics of the latest 30 executed trades.

Recommended timeframe: M1
Recommended instrument: GBPUSD with trading time from 21h to 24h (GMT)

To be backtested in "Every Tick" mode with real ticks on M1.
In backtesting, don't forget to set the GMT offset to which ticks history data refer!
Version 1.2 2016.12.19
- Trading time hours now expressed in GMT.
- Added History_Data_GMT_Offset to set the GMT offset of the history data (e.g. real ticks) used in the Strategy Tester.
- ECN option removed (no longer necessary).
- bug corrected in OrderModify at the EA de-initialization.
- RSI indicator usage improved.

Default settings is to work on low volatility conditions on GBPUSD (i.e. from 21 to 22 GMT).
Version 1.1 2016.03.03
-Added the "RSI_Overbought_Level" parameter, to allow user to change the overbought level (and the corresponding oversold=100-overbought) of the RSI indicator above which the EA can start to trade. Usually, the higher this level the fewer the treads, the lower the drawdown.
If set to 0, then the Expert considers only volatility to enter the market.
Please notice that in the previous version this level was fixed to 60.

-Added three parameters for time management: "Start_Trading_From" and "Stop_Trading_At" to specify the server time interval (in 0-24 hours) within which trading is allowed, and "On_Friday_Stop_Trading_At" as the end trading time valid on Friday.
For example, if Start_Trading_From = 9, Stop_Trading_At = 22 and On_Friday_Stop_Trading_At = 20, then the EA trading session will be every day from 9:00 to 22:00, but on Friday that will be 9:00-20:00.