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Trade Manager Assistant

Trade Manager Assistant is a professional tool that will assist in your trading activity, it run as EA in your charts and it will give you the right exit strategy to trade without emotions and to squeeze most of the trend especially if you use momentum strategies based or trend following strategies. Many traders only take care of entries but the exit strategy is what will make the difference between winners and losers. The main advantage to use this tool is that you don't need to assist all day long your trades. It is very simple to configure and, especially if you enter the trade with correct analysis, (i mostly use wave analysis) you will surely have your "eureka moment"!

Trade Management

This useful tool will take care of trade management task, trailing your stop loss behind the WindFlow indicator's line (a volatility based indicator that I designed to simplify and speed up my trading decisions) all along the trend, so it will make sure that you can ride the money flow without emotion or uncertainties about time to get out of market. If you use statistical trading you know the importance of risk:reward so you can set specific risk:reward figure as a take profit level without calculation, just setting your working figure (i mostly use risk:reward 1:3). Your profit will be protected in a progressive manner thanks to the trailing by WindFlow indicator's line (volatility based) until you get a stop profit or your risk:reward figure is finally reached. This is a stress free trading way!

Money Management

Trade Manager Assistant will also assist you for lotsize calculation purpose. Many times this can be a tricky task, in fact you need time to do this and often you aren't sure if the lotsize is correct for your desired risk% and especially for the specific pip value of that pair/metal/instrument! This powerful tool will do calculations of correct lotsize for your trade related to the specific pip value of that currency pair/metal/instrument you are trading. You only need to input the entry price, the stop loss price and the desired risk% for that trade, so it will send a stop order with correct lotsize (rounded down) taking into account distance between entry price and SL price of course and you will be sure that your trade have a correct risk% on balance. You can also trade right to the moment instead to use pending orders of course.

Why WindFlow as a trade's track?

Despite the many "magic" promised indicators you will see here and there, this indicator that I designed is the only indicator that I rely on. This because with a momentum strategy or a trend follow strategy we will have volatility, so this volatility based indicator will be the perfect tool for this management tasks! It will keep your trade in the market until some contrarian volatility take place, then you will be stopped out with your profit at the right price level! Never more doubts!


  • Automated calculations of correct lotsize based on desired risk a%
  • Optional set of take profit by risk/reward figure
  • Automated trailing stop by WindFlow line (a volatility based indicator that I designed also for trade entries)
  • Runs on all kinds of trading symbols like Forex, metals, commodities, etc.
  • Automated detection of active orders by magic number and symbol to not interfere with other EAs
  • Optional use of expiry date/time of pending orders
  • Optional set of max allowed slippage

Main Settings

  • UseWindFlow (true/false): it will allow or disable the ATR trailing
  • EntryNow (true/false): it will allow you to enter immediately in the market (false if you need to use pending orders)
  • Direction (buy/sell): it will allow to select trade direction when EntryNow is true
  • trail_start: it will allow to start the WindFlow trailing task when candle price is closed beyond a certain risk:reward figure
  • period, strength: WindFLow period and WindFlow strength
  • pipPlus: it will allow to add a number of extra pips above/below ATR line to take into account the spread
  • EntryPrice: the price level where you would entry
  • StopLossLevel: the price level where you set the stop loss
  • Risk Percent: your desired risk % per trade
  • TakeProfitByRR (true/false): it will allow to able or disable to set a take profit level based on risk:reward figure
  • MultiplierRisk: it will allow to set the desired reward for your strategy
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