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The "AFX Key" is a simple and high accuracy Indicator, built for MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • "AFX Key" issues the high accuracy signals on 30 Minute timeframe. May be the number of the signals that you receive is not much but their accuracy is high. So, Please monitor several currencies to getting more signals.

Signals that are close to High Impact news, may not be valid...


  1. Multi currency Indicator
  2. Recommended Timeframe: Optimized for 30 Minute but you can try the other timeframes, too.
  4. Working with 4 and 5-digit brokers
  5. The ability to combine with other strategies
  6. No repainting
  7. No recalculating
  8. User-friendly
  9. High quality signals
  10. Free support and updates

Input Parameters

  • TimeZone - GMT offset
  • Method1 - Method number one for issuing the signals
  • Method2 - Method number two for issuing the signals
  • buycolor - Color of buy arrows
  • sellcolor - Color of sell arrows
  • Width - Width of the arrows
  • Dis - Distance for arrows
  • Alerts - Sound/Popup Alert
  • Email_Alerts - To send email when signals are issued

How to set TimeZone:

You should calculate your metatrader time difference with GMT time.

So, TimeZone = Metatrader time - GMT time

Example 1:

Metatrader Time: 11:30

GMT Time: 9:30

Metatrader Time - GMT Time = 2

TimeZone = 2

Example 2:

Metatrader Time: 11:00

GMT Time: 9:30

Metatrader Time - GMT Time = 1:30 (Round number up to zero decimal places)

TimeZone = 2

Which One is better? Method1 or Method2 ?:

Either of them uses different but similar strategies.

So, you can set both of them to TRUE to receive more signals.

Dear traders, I hope you enjoy this indicator and find it useful. If you need any help or have any constructive comments, please send me a message.

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