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  • The operation algorithm is based on following a price movement (trend).
  • To enter into the market, the EA uses the price movement of an instrument.
  • Risk levels and lot size are used to fix profits and limit possible losses.
  • The Trailing Stop function allows to capture the slightest price movement.
  • The EA works with a fixed volume depending on a risk.
  • It uses market orders.


  • The Trailing Stop function is compulsory.
  • Chart period to attach the EA is D1.
  • Account types: any.
  • The EA works with all brokers.


  • It can work on any deposit with any account currency.
  • To work with several symbols, simply launch the EA on the appropriate charts.
  • Optimize the EA parameters (optional).


  • Risk=0.01 - risk
  • TrailingStop=3114 - trailing size
  • TrailingStep=4372 - trailing step
  • time=0 - EA operation time (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • starttime=8
  • stoptime=17
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