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Verdure TrendCentric

This indicator is a simple, highly efficient multiple ATR-based Multi-timeframe (MTF) Trend Visualizer that displays trend across 9 timeframes from M1 to MN1. This indicator allows you to see the predominant trend across all 9 timeframes on a single chart without changing timeframes. As it is often said, the trend is your friend until the next bend, this indicator helps bring this statement to life by giving you a sneak peep into other timeframes within a single chart.


  • Option to activate trend line on current timeframe where indicator is placed. You may decide to turn trend line off to keep your chart clean and tidy.
  • Robust alerting functionality that generates alert, email or mobile notification when trend on timeframes set by user is either up or down. For example, you can configure alert, email or push otification to be sent by the indicator if trend on M5 to H4 (i.e. M5, M15, M30, H1 and H4) is either UP or DOWN.
  • Trend is displayed on a panel and can be moved around the chart to reduce clutter on the chart.


  • Helps you to make informed trading decisions based on the predominant trend across several timeframes.
  • Helps you stay focused on your preferred timeframe whilst giving accurate trend analysis on other timeframes.
  • Improves trading decision by giving you peace of mind knowing what the trend is on lower or higher timeframes.
Joel Simmons
2017.05.29 03:13 

This Indicator works pretty well. It’s accurate. The only thing is make sure to have a least some tick data loaded for the pairs before used or it will not work properly.