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The indicator is based on a channel formed by  2 moving averages. By default, the indicator uses EMA-10. It uses timeframes H1, H4 and D1. The timeframe of the terminal and the timeframe of the indicator must match. Ideally, I recommend to use D1. However, since ге is sometimes hard to wait till 00-00 terminal time, you can use H4 and H1.

Earlier signals are received when using H1, but in ерш case there can be more false entry signals. A signal to open a trade is the first candlestick closed above or below the channel formed by the moving averages. A candlestick close above EMA-10(high) suggests a possibility of opening a buy trade. The candlestick close below EMA-10(low) suggests a possibility of opening a sell order. Choose any instrument to trade, but more volatile pairs are preferred.

Basic settings:

  • perMA - 10 (adjustable)
  • TF - H1-H4-D1 (selectable)
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Version 2.0 - 2016.03.24
Added ability to use the indicator on M30 and M15 for more accurate defining of market entries. The МА parameter has remained intact and is still equal to 10 (customizable).