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AT Reversals

The indicator shows price reversals with a high degree of accuracy. Reversals are shown on the chart as arrows, and they never repaint or backpaint. Based on our proprietary price and volumes algorithms, it is a powerful tool to have to increase your rate of success and profitability. With easily adjustable settings and featuring an accuracy rating for each setting, it is a very versatile indicator that adjusts to the market you are trading in.

It features a user-friendly interface with an adjustable sensitivity which influences the price reversals, and in turn, the statistics it outputs. The statistics will show the accuracy (Rating Score) and frequency (Total) for each sensitivity chosen, so that the best sensitivity for the given chart can be quickly found. Due to its versatile nature, and the thorough pre-optimization it went through for every timeframe, it can be used from M1 to the MN1, and whether the market is trending or ranging. It should be used in a trading system to improve its success.

DEMO: To change the sensitivity, first pause the tester, and resume after changing.


  • Accurately points many price reversals
  • Strictly non-repainting indicator: it does not repaint or back-paint
  • Reversals drawn at the bar's close
  • Adjusts to the chosen instrument and timeframe
  • Pre-optimization done for all timeframes based on sound statistical methods
  • Integrated alerts, optionally by email and/or push notification


The settings are mostly for text customization and alerts. The most important setting, sensitivity, which directly affects the reversals, can be changed directly on the chart. The sensitivity chosen in any given chart is saved by the indicator for future use.

Statistics - Rating Score and Total Number

Rating Score allows us to quickly find out the best candidates of the sensitivity value for the given chart. The rating is calculated simply as the ratio between successful reversals (higher close than the reversal's bar, for up reversals), and the total number of them, in a scale of 0-10. Due to the way it is calculated though, it means that lower sensitivities will generally have higher scores, while higher sensitivities will have lower scores - the following table should be checked, and will tell you what is a good rating score for any given sensitivity. To make sure the indicator is correctly optimized to the current market conditions, a good Rating should be confirmed visually using the recent price action.

To find out the best sensitivity it’s recommended to:

  1. Zoom out the chart (clicking Minus) and check visually a good candidate
  2. Check if the rating of the sensitivity chosen in 1) is above the minimum rating on the table below. If it’s not, check for another sensitivity.

Sensitivity Acceptable rating
1-2 8.8
3-5 8.7
6-7 8.6
8-9 8.5

Total Number is the number of reversals on the chart. For scalping, it should be high enough, whereas for swing trading you can afford less reversals if the rating scores are better.


Feel free to contact us with if you have any questions, by e-mail or Skype (contacts available at my MQL5 profile and website).

2016.07.01 00:37 


Sam Jaffray
2016.02.09 22:52 

So helpful and easy to understand, great add on with AT VSA. Great support via email and facebook

2015.12.07 01:02 

Very good indicator, made it easy to catch market turns and its not repainting. I also like the panel , and how you can make the indicator show the best signals with it.

Version 1.40 - 2016.01.21
- Highest sensitivities (8 and 9) improved
- Performed optimization for the newer updates
- Fixed a bug in the monthly timeframe where only a few Reversals were being shown
Version 1.30 - 2015.12.17
- Reversals now works on Renko charts.
Version 1.21 - 2015.12.09
- Fixed a bug in the newer Metatrader builds that made the indicator not load correctly when used in a template, or in multiple instances in the same chart.
Version 1.20 - 2015.12.02
- Improved reversals detection
- Fixed a bug that was making the indicator initialize with a different sensitivity than the one shown in the panel
Version 1.10 - 2015.11.25
Major Update:

- Significant improvements on reversals accuracy
- Lower sensitivities' total number of reversals increased, in average
- Fixed a bug regarding some reversals
- Statistics position fixed