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Zone pips

Zone pips is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading that uses two types of orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop. The EA also uses the recovery loss system.

It is recommended to backtest this Expert Advisor on the MetaQuotes demo account.

Interval - H1 only.


  • TP - take profit.
  • AutoTP - true/false (automatic take profit calculator).
  • Min_Zone - minimum recovery zone range in pips.
  • Max_Zone - maximum recovery zone range in pips.
  • Nbars - minimum number of bars used to build a recovery zone.
  • Lot - initial lot.
  • Lotmax - maximum volume.
  • MN - multiplier.
  • MagicNumber - magic number.
  • slippage - slippage size.
  • StartDay - trading start.
  • StopDay - trading end.
wroger 2015.11.07 16:18 

EA works very good. First search the best settings for your Pair in the Tester! Miss only Trailing Stop, then 5 Stars!

Version 1.10 2015.11.06
Optimized the EA code.
Fixed some bugs.
MaxCycle-maximum number of cycles.
Information -information on the chart. If the option is set to Information true the optimization and back­testing are very slow.
On chart:
- Maximum amount of lots(current).
- MaxCycle.
- Maximum amount of lots (minus MaxCycle and MaxZone).
- Sum Loss ( MaxCycle and MaxZone).
- Sum Loss ( MaxCycle and Zone on chart).
- Cycle (current cycles) Lot (the value of last lot) Important! Lot>Maximum amount of lots (minus MaxCycle and MaxZone) else Warning !!! No enough money. e.g.- Cycle 13 lot=40.
- History of losses for the magic number (111-default)
Order Profit0 History of losses = 0.
How to reset? Change magic number.
- DrawDown Persent.
- Balance.