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This is a simple and clear indicator showing the entry and exit points of the market.

It is good for both beginners and professional traders.

The product works on any timeframe and trading tool.

The indicator is for scalping.

It does not redraw.

The essence is a special Moving Average.

The moving average color is Magenta.

The moving average has a special algorithm for smoothing:

  • If the moving average goes up, look for Buy entries.
  • If the moving average goes down, look for Sell entries.

White and blue arrows indicate potential entry points.


  • Bar - size of the bar array for the indicator calculation
  • M - moving average period
  • mode - regime parameters
    • If the mode = true, the moving average is visible on a chart
    • If the mode = false, the moving average is not visible on a chart


Choose from the terminal window: Charts => Indicators List => Knight => Edit.

The indicator window will appear. Adjust the settings.

Make a template: Charts => Template => Save Template.

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Version 2.0 - 2015.11.11
Added an additional filter on a WPR.