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Cautious Hunter

The algorithm is based on minimizing losses and risks. The EA enters the market carefully waiting for a favorable moment.

Deals are protected by:

  • a smart stop loss,
  • a trailing stop,
  • the order closing system.


  • Automated lot size calculation (AutoLot) depending on a balance.
  • Protection against spread increase (Limit Spread) by disabling new orders.
  • Ability to trade manually when the EA is launched (EA control Manual Orders=false).
  • The EA is able to manage orders opened manually (EA control Manual Orders=true).
  • The EA works on any timeframe.
  • Simple settings.


  • The highest efficiency is achieved at the balance of $1 000 and higher.
  • use automated lot size calculation (AutoLot) based on the balance.
  • Set lot=0.01 for the balance $2 000 and lower, since the EA opens several orders.
  • Leverage - 1:500 or lower.


(initial settings for EURUSD)

  • AutoLot - auto lot size depending on the balance (true - enable, false - disable).
  • Lot - lot (if AutoLot=false).
  • TakeProfit(Points) - set take profit.
  • Magic Orders - order ID.
  • Comment Orders - order comment.
  • LimitSpread (Points) - spread limit.
  • Sensitiveness oscillate Price (Points) - EA's sensitivity to the price fluctuations.
  • EA control Manual Orders - manage orders opened manually (true - enable, false - disable).
  • Permission open Orders - allow the EA to open orders (true - enable, false - disable).
  • CommentTable - info table (true - enable, false - disable).

Settings for trading other symbols

  1. Set a spread limitation (Limit Spread).
  2. Use the strategy tester to optimize the EA's sensitivity to the price fluctuations (Sensitiveness oscillate Price) on the time interval - at least six months of a symbol price data. The lower the value, the greater the risk and the greater the profit. The higher the value, the lower the risk, but the lower the profit.
  3. Optimize TakeProfit.
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