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The Expert Advisor Pathfinder uses data provided by three moving average indicators. Positions are closed when opposite signals appear.

Input Parameters

  • First MA Period - period of the first indicator;
  • Second MA Period - period of the second indicator;
  • Third MA Period - period of the third indicator;
  • MA Method - method of averaging for the indicators;
  • Mode - mode of operation of the Expert Advisor (0-7);
  • Fixed Lot - fixed lot value;
  • Variable Lot - variable lot as a percentage of the free margin.

The screenshots demonstrate the backtesting results. The Expert Advisor was tested on EURUSD M1 in the "Every tick" mode from 07.01.2013 to 06.07.2013. The settings used were: fixed lot - 0.1, period of the first indicator - 120, period of the second indicator - 30, period of the third indicator - 270, method of averaging - Simple, the mode of operation - 6.

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Version 1.1 - 2014.11.05
Added input parameters Stop Loss and Take Profit. If Stop Loss and/or Take Profit are not zero, orders can also be closed when reaching the corresponding price levels.

Added input parameter Close on Reverse. If parameter value is true, order will be closed when opposite trading signal appear. If parameter value is false, order will be closed only when price reaches the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.