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Relative strength of currencies

This product is a cluster indicator that calculates the relative strengths of the eight major currencies. For easy analysis and obtaining “market slice” it was created dashboards that also allow you to control indicator:

  • Heatmap, Currencies - dashboards which show the relative strength of currencies.
  • Pairs - dashboard which shows strength of currency pairs.
  • Speed - dashboard which shows speed of change of the relative strength of currencies.
  • MuliTF - main dashboard which should be used for analysis.This panel displays the data from all periods.

The currency power calculation is based on the following cluster indicators:

  • Complex Common Frames percent (CCFp)
  • Complex Common (CC)

Find out more details about using cluster indicators here.

Working Conditions

The indicator requires history for all timeframes (except MN1) of the current symbol, as well as of all major symbols: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, and NZDUSD.

If you have received a notification requiring to download the entire symbol history, I recommend that you update history for all timeframes and re-launch the indicator.


  • Mode of calculation - indicator calculation mode
    • Complex Common Frames percent (CCFp)
    • Complex Common (CC)
  • The method of moving average - MA calculation methods for calculating the indicator data
  • Type of signal lines - type of calculation of the signal line for CFP (line shows the difference between the strength of currencies):
    • Moving Average - Exponential Moving Average. Recommended for MODE Complex Common
    • Digital signal line - signal line based on an analysis of the price of the currency pair. Recommended for MODE Complex Common Frames percent
  • Bars for analysis - amount of bars for analysis. Do not set the value too high since this can significantly slow down the application.
  • Recalculation last bar - indicator recalculation on the last bar. Enabling this parameter may slow down the program


  • The fast period for analysis - fast MA calculation period
  • The slow period for analysis - slow MA calculation period
  • The period for Signal MA for CFP - period for calculating signal line


  • Fast period for M1 - fast MA calculation period for timeframe M1
  • Slow period for M1 - slow MA calculation period for timeframe M1
  • The period for Signal MA for CFP for M1 - period for calculating the signal line for timeframe M1
  • ....... - settings for other timeframes


  • The period for calculating the momentum - period for calculating the rate of change of the relative currency strengths


  • Open new chart

With the dashboard by pressing currencies and currency pairs, you can open other graphics tools (icon Lock = Open)

if Open new chart = true, the chart will open in a new window.

Если Open new chart = false, the chart will be uploaded instead of the current chart. It may require a certain time..

SETTINGS FOR Alerts Current Timframe

Currently signals and notifications may be obtained only for the current chart period.

Dashboard Multi TF

This panel displays the data lines of CFP and Signal Line of the specified periods.

On the panel there are 3 buttons (selection signals):

  • CFP vs Zero - It displays the data of CFP position relative to 0.
  • Signal vs Zero - It displays the data of Signal line position relative to 0. Recommended for MODE Complex Common Frames percent and Digital signal Line
  • CFP vs Signal - It displays the data of CFP position relative to Signal line.

Data and periods are transferred to the Pairs panel. If all the selected periods have the same signals, the currency pair is highlighted in green (uptrend) or red (downward trend) color.

sunnychow 2018.10.30 19:25 

Useful tool

Janya1958 2018.02.16 15:08 

Wow! Why I did not find this tool earlier? This is genius!!!

fxcommentary 2017.11.01 20:43 

I confirm the tool is very good. Personally i find it very informative in terms of recognizing ppairs with good potential.

163007 Hailey
163007 Hailey 2016.01.29 19:07 

This is fantastic tool (and I have hundreds of them) to find and evaluate trades. Shows a lot of info and points out the pairs to trade. Been using over a month and it is well worth the money!!!!!

Version 4.0 2015.12.24
* Redesigned dashboards
* The opportunity to smooth the indicator line
* Added a new type of signal line for the CFP, which uses a digital filter based on the analysis of the currency pair
* Enhanced data in the multitimeframe panel
Version 2.0 2015.11.26
* Added signal line for CFP MODE
* Added data to legend
* Added data to the panels: Strength.Currencies and Speed.Histogram
* Added alerts
Version 1.1 2015.11.06
Version 1.1
* Added legend for indicator lines
* Added user guide