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The Expert Advisor opens two BuyStop and SellStop positions in a specified hour and minute by support and resistance lines.

SR is based on maximums and minimums within a specified period.

The EA's advantage is its configuration flexibility.

The EA may serve as a good start for generating your iwn ideas.

No extra features or functions are to be implemented in the EA except for the currently present ones.


  • Lot - deal volume.
  • Spread - maximum spread.
  • Slippage - maximum allowed slippage.
  • comment - deal comment.
  • Stop_loss - stop loss.
  • Take_profit - take profit.
  • Trail_pips - trail a stop loss. The amount of points a stop loss is moved to relative to the current market price.
  • Trail_step - trailing step. The amount of profit in pips, after reaching which a trailing is activated.
  • Send_Order_Hour - pending order send hour.
  • Send_Order_Min - send minute. By default, two orders are sent at 00:00 daily.
  • Send_Order_Repeat - if you want orders to be sent each 4 hours, simply enter 4.
  • SR - levels within a specified number of hours at maximum and minimum prices, at which orders are to be displayed.
  • Max_Open_Trades - maximum amount of orders to be opened simultaneously.
  • Pedding_Order_expiration_Hours - pending order lifetime in hours.
  • Delete_PeddingOrder_At_Distance - delete an order if the price moves in the opposite direction for a specified amount of points.
  • Magic - enter any value that does not coincide with another EA launched on the same terminal.
Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.08 17:43 

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Giedrius Seirys
2017.01.01 13:45 

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Rozaimah Mohamed
2016.07.13 05:32 

Very good EA. Thanks to Mr Ramiz

Francis Dogbe
2016.03.28 18:23 

looks good

Barend Van Vugt
2016.03.25 19:45   

i think a very good EA testing results very good...

on real account i test it now....

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.03.20 22:13 

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2015.11.03 11:16 

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