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KM Execute

Aim of this development is to save time during order execution delay by software. This application needs only one time setting then users are free from delay in executes.

KM Execute have 4 buttons which are:

  • Buy => Instant Execute Buy Position (Lots Followed By Settings)
  • Sell => Instant Execute Sell Position (Lots Followed By Settings)
  • Close => Close All Positions Instantly (Indeed they were in Loss Position)
  • Close profit => Close All Profitable Positions Only

Default settings are:

  • Lots: 0.01 (Minimum)
  • Stop Loss: 100 (Points)
  • Take Profit: 5 (Points)
  • Trailing Start: 3 (Points)
  • Trailing Stop: 2 (Points)
  • Slippage: 3
  • Magic No.: 786

User Can Change These Settings As Per His or Her Requirements

Remember: Trailing Stop & Stop Loss Will execute as per Settings, So set up your SL & TL through settings.

How To Close Application: Use Right Click => Expert => Remove Expert

Thanks for showing interest. Happy Trading

Mohammad Soubra
2016.05.09 03:48 

Hello my friend Mustafa

good work

hope you keep the same quality always

2016.03.07 13:11 

Thank you!

Gennadiy Voltornist
2015.12.15 10:59 


2015.11.25 13:31 

Great panel for manual trading. You should also add close loss button along with close profit button.So you close the lossing trades let winners ride...

Izzatilla Ikramov
2015.11.22 18:31 

Thank you. I like it!