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Extended Hull Moving Average

The indicator is an extended version of the Alan Hull Moving Average. You can define the price and smoothing mode for each of the inner moving averages, including the resulting one. The parameters also feature a moving average "half-period" for a broader selection of values. Besides, it is possible to shift the line left/right and up/down along the chart in points and/or percentage. Growth/fall of a moving average are highlighted in different colors.


  • MainPeriod - main inner moving average calculation period
  • HalfPeriod - "half-period" moving average calculation period. The default is half of MainPeriod
  • MainLinePriceType - price for the main moving average calculation
  • HalfLinePriceType - price for the "half-period" moving average calculation
  • MainSmoothingMethod - main moving average smoothing mode
  • HalfSmoothingMethod - "half-period" moving average smoothing mode
  • ResultSmoothingMethod - resulting moving average smoothing mode
  • VerticalShift - up/down shift along the chart, in points
  • PercentShift - up/down shift along the chart, in percentage
  • Displace - left/right shift along the chart, in bars
  • ArrowUp - growth label code
  • ArrowDn - fall label code
  • AddDigits - additional accuracy of decimal places
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