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The Expert Advisor is a trend scalper. Financial instruments with low spread are required for proper operation.

The EA is to spread widening. If the spread is above MaxSpread, the EA will not open an order.

The Expert Advisor automatically detects 4- and 5-digit quotes.

It sets Stop Loss and Take Profit. The EA has a built-in trailing stop function.

The Expert Advisor is optimized for working with ECN accounts.

Orders are opened with a zero Stop Loss and Take Profit. Once an order is opened, the EA modifies it.

The working timeframe is 5 minutes.


  • Comment_To_Orders - a comment to the EA's orders;
  • MaxRisk - lot calculation depending on risk percent;
  • Lots - if MaxRisk = 0, this lot will be used;
  • MaxLot - you can limit the maximum lot value;
  • TP - take profit;
  • SL - stop loss;
  • Slippage - maximum slippage level;
  • MaxSpread - if the broker's spread exceeds this value, the EA will not open an order;
  • Magic - a magic number to distinguish EA's own orders.
Hongjun Yu
2017.10.30 08:17 

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2017.03.02 15:21 

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