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Fibonacci Support Resistance with any Values

This indicator will draw Support and Resistance lines calculated on the nBars distance.

The Fibonacci lines will appear between those 2 lines and 3 levels above or under 100%.

You may change the value of each level and hide one line inside 0-100% range and all levels above or under 100%.

Input Parameters:

  • nBars = 24; - amount of bars where the calculation of Support and Resistance will be done.
  • Level_1 = true; - display of the Fibonacci level.
  • Fibo_Level_1 = 0.146; - the Fibonacci level value.
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Version 5.12 - 2016.05.05
By the order of MQL5 client I added "colors" input parameters so all users will be able to change the color of Fibo lines