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Drive Fx

This indicator draws arrows on the chart, which are the signals to enter and exit a trade. The indicator also filters signals by coloring each candlestick in blue and red. Additionally, the trend strength and direction on the major pairs is shown in the upper left part of the window.

In indicator is equipped with a new logic, which distinguishes it from other similar indicators. It provides early entry and exit signals, its does not redraw - that is, if the indicator signaled a position entry, this signal will not be lost or moved - it will stay where it is. Moreover, it generates signals at the candlestick opening that gives the trader a significant advantage in trading.

The indicator is very simple to use. When a down arrow appears, open a SELL trade, with an up arrow open BUY.

Indicator Parameters

  • per — indicator period;
  • EnableAlerts — sound alert;
  • EmailAlert — email notification of a signal;
  • MobileAlert — sending a push notification;
  • Color_bars_period — period to color bars in red/blue.
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