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The Expert Advisor uses a high-risk strategy.

It enters positions at level breakthrough and closes trades using trailing stop. It trades only one order at a time. No grid, martingale or averaging. It uses a fixed stop loss.

The screenshots feature backtesting on history tick data from Dukascopy with a real dynamic spread, commission of 10 currency units and simulation of slippage of +-3 pips with the 80% probability.

Recommended leverage 1:100 - 1:500. On screenshots, the leverage is 1:500 and risk is 80%.

The EA was tested on EURUSD.

Broker with a professional ECN account, low spread and commission is recommended.

The EA uses scalping, therefore the broker is a critical factor of profitability.


  • Risk (Risk in percent) - lot size calculated as a percent of free margin.
  • StopLoss (StopLoss in pips) - stop loss is set during order opening
  • MaxSpread (Maximum spread) - spread is set in pips. Once the max spread is reached, the robot stops trading until the spread lowers to normal values. (0 - spread control is off)

... Setup of Trading Time

  • HourStopTrading (Hour stop trading) - default is 23
  • MinuteStopTrading (Minute stop trading) - default is 30
  • HourStartTrading (Hour start trading) - default is 0
  • MinuteStartTrading (Minute start trading) - default is 1

So the trading session ends at 23:30 and starts at 00:01

  • TrailingStop (TrailingStop in pips) - the distance from the price to move Stop Loss
  • StepTrail (StepTrail in pips) - minimum step to move Stop Loss
  • Magic - the order ID
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Version 1.1 - 2015.10.20
Optimized conditions for opening a position.