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Adjustable Fractals

Adjustable Fractals is a well-known fully adjustable fractal indicator.

You can set the size, appearance and characteristics of the fractals needed.

Indicator parameters:

  • Fractal Type:
    • Stairs fractals – every low is higher than the previous one, the central one is the highest low. The same for Up Fractals.
    • Highest high/lowest low – fractal.
  • Dimension – the number of candles before and after the extremum needed.
  • Arrow distance – the arrow distance from high/low.
  • Up fractal code, Down fractal code – you can pick any arrow, just choose it in the picture and name its code.

For programmers:

Here are the buffer indexes for using the indicator in EA. To get the value of the last fractal see the last two buffers.

  • Buffer 0 – the buffer of Up-fractals
  • Buffer 1 – the buffer of Down-fractals
  • Buffer 2 – the buffer with the last level of Up-fractal
  • Buffer 3 – the buffer with the last level of Down-fractal.
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