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FxGlow Dual Forecast

This unique indicator detects scalping opportunities calculated from prediction algorithms, NOT breakouts. Signals occur at the beginning/open of the bar.

Dual means it has the ability to give scalping signals and at the same time confirmation from market sentiment.


To achieve more accurate trading, please use this tool in addition or support to the system you are using. This tool will perform better if combined with a right strategy.


You can combine basic support/resistance and supply/demand zones to further filter signals.

Key features

  • Detects scalping signals from prediction algorithms
  • Detects market sentiment to confirm the signal
    • Bullish Sentiment - Only trade buy signals
    • Bearish Sentiment - Only trade sell signals
    • Neutral Sentiment - Trade both buy and sell signals
  • DOES NOT Repaint
  • DOES NOT Recalculate
  • Signals on OPEN/Beginning of bar
  • Works in ALL pairs
  • Works in ALL timeframes
  • Can be used for Expert Advisors
  • Implements Popup, Email, Push Notification and Sound Alerts


  • Signal - the number of bars used to calculate the signals
  • Sentiment - the number of bars used to calculate the market sentiment
  • Maximum History Bars - the maximum number of past bars used
  • Arrow Size - size of signal arrows on chart
  • Vertical Lines - Show/Hide a vertical line of signal origin
  • Display Legend - Show/Hide symbol legends
  • Activate Alert Box - Enable/Disable MT4 popup alert
  • Activate Email Alert - Enable/Disable alerts send via email
  • Activate Push Notification - Enable/Disable alerts send through your smart phone
  • Activate Sound Alerts - Enable/Disable audible alerts
  • Sound Alert File Name - file name of sound to be played

How to Use

The indicator is composed of two parts:

  • Scalp Signals = The signal to enter a trade
  • Market Sentiment = Confirms the scalping signal

Valid Buy Signals

  • Sentiment is Bullish
  • Sentiment is Neutral

Valid Sell Signals

  • Sentiment is Bearish
  • Sentiment is Neutral

Stop Loss

  • Use dynamic approach based on volatility
  • Use support/resistance levels
  • Higher timeframe uses higher values, lower timeframe uses lower values
  • Swing high for sell signals, swing low for buy signals

Take Profits

  • Use dynamic approach based on volatility
  • Use support/resistance levels
  • Use hard pips depending on a pair/timeframe
  • ATR (Average True Range) based


  • M15 for day trades
  • M5 for scalps
  • H1/H4 for swing trades


  • Best for low spread pairs


  • Asia Session - expect smaller price movement
  • London Session - more price movement


  • Does not include exit strategy
  • Best not traded on news releases


This indicator is a manual trading tool that can be used in many ways.

To test its effectiveness to your current trading systems, please take time to test the free DEMO first.

yohann soula
2017.04.25 13:19 

tres bon merci quand une version en EA pour faire un robot?

Version 3.0 - 2017.03.23
More compatible to build update.
Version 2.0 - 2016.06.21
Improved the compatibility
Changed some input names
Added the buffer index number on the "About" section for developer purposes