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Hourly statistics of trading sessions

Hourly values of the Mean Standard Deviation for the fluctuation band (High[i]-Low[i]) of a financial instrument.

Comment to the algorithm

Basic statistics are calculated once in the process of the indicator's initialization.

Algorithms for calculating the mean standard deviation are built directly in the indicator.

Comment to trading

he indicator is designed for monitoring the most important dynamic statistics (mean standard deviation) of the fluctuation band of the given symbol's prices.

Input parameters:

_I - block header

  • inputTotalSymbols - number of financial instruments for the indicator's calculation
  • theScaleFactor - scale ratio

_II - block header

  • theNumberOfBarsToCalculateTF - number of bars to calculate statistics on the current timeframe

_III - block header

  • font - font of the indicator's data
  • maxFontSize - font size of the table header string
  • subFontSize - font size of the table header substring
  • tableFontSize - font size of the main data in the table

_IV - block header

  • shift_Y_Total - total shift of all objects along the Y axis
  • distance_Y_Total - distance between strings of the main table
  • shift_X_Total - total shift of all objects along the X axis
  • distance_X_Total - distance between columns of the main table

_V - block header

  • shift_0RNC - shift of the main header of the indicator table
  • shift_1RNC - shift of the subheader of the indicator table

_VI - block header

  • colorFRNC - the Period element color
  • color0RNC - header string color
  • color1RNC - header substring color
  • color2RNC - color of the main table column header
  • color3RNC - color of the main table string header
  • color4RNC - main table data color
  • color5RNC - color to display labels of the current time
Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.23 04:08 

Interesting indicator, there's a problem with getting all of the information on the screen.

Elena Savostyanova
Elena Savostyanova 2017.07.13 11:44 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 2.0 - 2015.10.27
Optimized code.