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The Harvester EA is an automated trading system which can anchor manually opened trades to your main strategy specified in settings.

Due to flexible calculation of trades' volumes and aims (which ensures high quality money management), as well as due to combination of automated and manual trading, Harvester is good for personal trading, as well as for managing PAMM accounts and selling signals, and it will be a great tool for experienced and novice traders.

As we all know, pivot, support and resistance levels are crucial in making trading decisions for many professional traders. Why is this? Because they really work! Harvester detects and automatically process these levels every day — buys at a low price, sells at a high price. Trades are opened on rollbacks from support and resistance levels, providing a moderate speed of price movement (with the aim of protecting against increased news volatility), and closed by the aim specified in settings. Daily number of working levels can be adjusted in settings. The more levels you have, the more intensive your trading is. You can also remove trades from the chart, so they are not be used for opening trades during the current day.

Trades can have their own aims and common profit aims for the whole trade series depending on your settings.

Initial trade volume can be statical or dynamic, as percentage of the deposit to observe money management.

The chart has buttons for manual trading which are Buy, Sell, ClsBuy (closes all buy orders) and ClsSell (closes all sell orders), which can be removed by the Handtrade parameter. Each trade opened by buttons on the chart is anchored to the main strategy of the EA.

A message with volume of further trades in both directions for the given symbol, as well as total profit and profit of opened positions in each direction is displayed on the chart.

You can disable automated trading using the Autotrade parameter. If Autotrade is disabled, trades are opened manually using buttons on the chart, but they are closed by input settings of the EA.

If you use moderate risk and proper settings, Harvester can automatically bring 10-30% profit per month for one trading pair. You can significantly increase your profit if you attach the EA to chart of several currency pairs.

The EA can work on any account. Any spreads and commissions, but the less the better Any timaframe, but 15 minutes - 1 hour is preferred.

To combine manual trading via chart buttons and automated trading, try the EA in the strategy tester in the visualization mode or on a demo account first.


  • MaxOrders — maximum number of trades in one series in one direction;
  • Goal — aim in points for a single trade (virtual Take Profit);
  • Distanse — minimum distance to open a trade in the same direction on the support/resistance level if the price moves in the unprofitable direction;
  • Minimal goal — minimum aim for a single trade, with which the trade is closed with closing of the current candle, if it has not taken Goal before;
  • Common goal (Fix, Var, Off) — aim for trade series:
  • Fix — fixed, in the deposit currency;
  • Var — dynamically, as percentage of the deposit;
  • Off — serieses are not formed, all trades are considered to be single;
  • ExpLot — multiplication factor for trades moving in one direction;
  • Autotrade (true, false) — enable/disable automated trading;
  • Handtrade (true, false) — enable/disable manual trading;
  • Levels (1, 2, 3, 4) — number of working levels in both directions including pivot levels;
  • Step — allowed price distance from the level to open a trade at the moment of crossing, in points (protection against significant fluctuations on news);
  • On/Off AutoLot (true, false) — enable/disable automated calculation of initial trades' volumes using the AutoRateLot parameter;
  • AutoRateLot — dynamic calculation of initial trades' volumes;
  • ManualLot — fixed volume of initial trades;
  • Length of Breakeven/Trailing (0-Off) - breakeven length;
  • Breakeven - breakeven plus;
  • Step of Trailing (0-Off) - trailing step;
  • Slip — slippage control.

Let me know if you have purchased the product, so I will give you several pieces of advice concerning trading via Harvester.

Milan Turis
2017.11.28 14:50 

I have already purchased EA four months and works very well. EA has potential to deliver real steady profit. The creator is always ready to give advise.

2017.11.15 10:57 

This is how an expert advisor should never work. In the tester it has a great benchmark, but in the real mode it's a disaster. It has just good picks sometime on the peaks, but it can't recognize in any ways the trend, yesterday the second day i tried it Euro made more than 1%...and when it still was 30-40% he had already bought 4 times short. In the end of the day it had dried all the liquidity forcing to sell all the positions, because it has no stop loss. And today the euro is still growing...so even with more liquidity it wouldn't have worked. It also doesn't consider that keeping positions for so long time, even more days or week it has a big cost...I didn't expect to make a fortune with a 100$ product but I think it doesn't worth the money because in this way it's useless, just adding stop losses and better take profit maybe...

2017.02.13 00:37   

I can't recommend this EA because it has a high risk. The EA will blow away your account!

Chris Griffith
2016.03.18 19:41 

Great EA providing consistent profits. Easy to use with manual trading or just leave it in automatic mode. Great support from Evgeny with an arsenal of fantastic products.

Version 1.3 - 2016.03.11
Added breakeven and trailing stop. At 'Common goal = off' the breakeven and trailing stop are activated for all trades. At 'Common goal = Var' or 'Fix' the breakeven and trailing stop are activated only on the first trade in series in the direction.
Version 1.2 - 2015.12.08
Fixed minor errors and added comments to deals opened by the EA.