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The EA opens orders basing on trend lines which are handled by a trader.

When launched, the EA draws two trend lines: green line for BUY orders and red line for SELL orders.

Operational algorithm: the trader has launched the EA and plotted a trend channel. In this case the EA will be opening orders every time the trend line is touched/broken through.

It uses stop loss and take profit.

You can enable TrailingStop.


  • dist - distance up and down from the current price when lines are primarily drawn by the EA;
  • Lot - trading lot;
  • TakeProfit - take profit;
  • StopLoss - stop loss;
  • TrallingStop - whether to use TrailingStop;
  • TStop - trailing in points for buy orders;
  • TrailingStep - trailing step in points;
  • OneOrderOnCandle - whether to open one order on a candle
  • BuyLineColor - line color for BUY orders;
  • SellLineColor - line color for SELL orders;
  • TextColor - text color;
  • ray - whether to draw a beam;
  • LineWidth - width of trend lines;
  • Order_Comment - comment to open orders;
  • Text - whether to print text on the chart;
  • X - the X coordinate of the text beginning;
  • Y - the Y coordinate of the text beginning;
  • TextSize - size of the text;
  • Magic - magic for the EA to distinguish its orders.
youngd 2017.06.09 15:02 

Very useful tool, working also on renko charts, which are my favourite :)