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Veles MACD Pro Color

The indicator is an advanced version of MACD. It allows to adjust to any type of trading. Its interpretation can be in the form of the famous AO indicator (with default parameters) with an additional signal line (fig 1). When Fast and Slow methods are changed to exponential, bars' Close prices with periods 12 26 9 completely match MACD, except for one advantage - change of indicator's price lines is highlighted with color (Fig. 2). Of higher interest is the application on non-standard methods (Fig. 3). Thus, with the signal filtering using, for example, the standard MACD, price rollbacks from the main trend are more clear, so market entries are more accurate. Parameters also contain the signal level, for example for determining flat areas, or the level to start looking for market entry.

Parameter Explanation

  • PeriodFast - Fast MA period
  • MethodFast - Fast MA calculation method
  • PriceFast - price applied for Fast MA calculation
  • PeriodSlow - Slow MA calculation
  • MethodSlow - Slow MA calculation method
  • PriceSlow - price applied for Slow MA calculation
  • Level - signal level
  • PeriodSignal - signal line period
  • MethodSignal - signal line calculation period
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