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Veles Helper TP SL Breakeven TrStop with Magic

The assistant EA works on any currency pair. It automatically sets TakeProfit and StopLoss for any manually placed order or any order with a specified Magic, it also wutomatically maintains orders by moving them to breakeven upon a certain profit level and using automatic TrailingStop with a preset step.

All the three units of the assistant are independent, they can operate both individually and in cooperation.

Parameter Explanation

  • TakeProfit - in pips, e.g. 500 = 50 points for 5-digit quotes. If set to 0, TakeProfit will not be used.
  • StopLoss - in pips, e.g. 150 = 15 points for 5-digit quotes. If set to 0, StopLoss will not be used.
  • Important: if an order has its own StopLoss or TakeProfit, the new values will not take effect. You can change them directly on the chart using the mouse.
  • PipsforProfitforBreakeven - the number of pips in the profit direction, after which StopLoss will be moved to breakeven; if 0 - the function is disabled.
  • PipsforBreakeven - the number of breakeven pips, take into account commission (if any) when opening orders. For example, when you open 1 lot of a symbol, commission of 7 dollars (7 pips) is charged. In this case set this parameter to 8. If StopLoss you'll have 1 pip profit.
  • PipsforProfitforTral - the number of pips in the profit direction, after which TrailingStop will be activated; if 0 - the function is disabled.
  • TrailingStop - the distance from the current price in pips to move StopLoss once the price reaches PipsforProfitforTral. If PipsforProfitforTral or TrailingStop are set to 0, the function is disabled.
  • StepforTral - TrailingStop change step in pips.
  • Magic - a uniques identifier of orders, set 0 for manual orders. When you specify a specific number in this parameter, the EA will only manage orders with this magic number, e.g. opened by another Expert Advisor or script with Magic.

The attached figures feature the operation of the EA assistant.

Opening an order and placing TakeProfit and StopLoss.

Moving to Breakeven.

Use of TrailingStop and closing by StopLoss.

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