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Here And There

The indicator draws arrows for trades: a red down arrow is a Sell signal, and a blue up arrow is a Buy signal. This simple and user-friendly system is actively used for trading options.


  • g_period_76 - advancing
  • g_period_80 - averaging
  • g_period_84 - slowdown
  • Repetition - how many times the signal will be repeated
  • _Alert - allow/prohibit sound signal
  • Mail - allow/prohibit sending emails

The email notification function should be properly configured in the terminal. Open terminal settings: Tools/Options/Mailbox. Setup example for a Yandex mailbox: SMTP Server : smtp.yandex.ru:25 - SMTP Login: the login you use to access your mailbox - SMTP password: the password you use to access your mailbox - From: you may specify your address - To: Your email address

These settings are valid, however may change over time. Stay tuned and follow the updates more new and interesting features to be coming.

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