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Bastem Emirdag Forex Trend

This indicator is used to determine the trend. Standard Three Moving Average and ADX indicators are used.

It has the indicator warning system (audio, e-mail) and three types of alerts, including messages to mobile phone.

It shows the best performance on M5.

When the trend value reaches the value set, the warning system is activated.

This indicator works only with Forex symbols.


  • SoundAlarm = true - Sound Alert
  • Sendmail=true - Send an e-mail in case of a buy or sell signal
  • Sendnotification=true - Send a message for a mobile phone in case of a buy or sell signal
  • MovingAverage1_period=3; First Moving Average. Default is 3
  • MovingAverage1_shift=0; First Moving Average shift
  • MovingAverage1_method=First Moving Average method
  • MovingAverage1_apply_to=First Moving Average price type
  • MovingAverage2period=66; Second Moving Average. Default is 66
  • MovingAverage2_shift=0; Second Moving Average shift
  • MovingAverage2_method=Second Moving Average method
  • MovingAverage2_apply_to=Second Moving Average price type
  • MovingAverage3_period=99; Third Moving Average. Default is 99
  • MovingAverage3_shift=0; Third Moving Average shift
  • MovingAverage3_method=Third Moving Average method
  • MovingAverage3_apply_to=Third Moving Average price type
  • adx_Period=14; ADX period
  • adx_apply_to=ADX price type
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