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EA MAKE ORDER at specified TIME

The EA will help you to make orders with a specified TIME list, that mean you can choose some hours in day, at that time, EA will make order auto with type and lotsize you chose.

You can choose type of orders with type in input tab.

type=0 for BUY, type=1 for SELL

Parameter days: list some days you want EA to work.

For example: you want EA to work on the day: 5th, 7th, 9th, 20th and 25th of current month, so you put like this:


Then, you can specify up to 5 exactly time of each day with hour and minute (see screenshots below)

order1_hour: hour of first order 

order1_minute: minute of first order

order1_lot: lotsize of first order

For example:



so, first order will be made at 5:30 (work with MT4's server time, not local time) 

order2_hour, order2_minute... =>same function for next your orders

set order2_hour=-1; order3_hour=-1...to dismiss these orders

stoploss: points value to put stoploss

takeprofit: points value to put takeprofit

xpip: points value to do trailing


If you have any question, pls contact me:

skype cuongph149

email hungcuongkhmt51@gmail.com

Many thanks!

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