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This indicator draws a horizontal blue or red line below each candlestick, which indicates trend direction. The blue line represents the uptrend, red - the downtrend.

In indicator is equipped with a new logic, which distinguishes it from other similar indicators. It provides early entry and exit signals, its does not redraw - that is, if the indicator signaled a position entry, this signal will not be lost or moved - it will stay where it is. Moreover, it generates signals at the candlestick opening that gives the trader a significant advantage in trading.

The indicator is very simple to use. When a red line appears below a candlestick, open a SELL trade, for a blue line open BUY.

A widget is displayed In the upper right corner of the indicator, which shows the trend direction on all timeframes of a selected pair, as well as the current signal and its power.

Indicator input parameters:

  • period - indicator period
  • EnableAlerts - enable/disable sound alerts
  • EmailAlert - send an email to notify of a signal
  • MobileAlert - sent a push notification when a signal emerges
  • ShowInformation - display a widget with trend direction and strength in the upper left corner
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