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Narrator Fibonacci Auto and Manual English Voice

This indicator is a great tool for traders who use Fibonacci methods to analyze different assets. It can operate in an automatic way, drawing itself on Zigzag lines, but can also be easily switched to manual mode and let you navigate it through Zigzag lines with hotkeys or simply drag the Fibonacci wherever you like. You simply set it and forget about it. The indicator will alert you using our voice sound pack in advance whenever the price will be near key Fibonacci levels.

Why should you purchase this indicator?


  • Voice alerts, built-in sound pack.
  • User friendly navigation and interface.
  • Highly customizable input parameters.
  • Recovers itself after lost Internet connection, terminal restart or timeframe change.
  • You do not even need to be in front of your computer and still have an idea where the market is heading to simply by listening to our voice alerts!
  • You can predefine yourself the amount of pips you want to be alerted in advance.
  • Currently, we support the following levels 38.2%, 61.8%, 127.0%, 161.8%, 261.8%, 423.6% and 685.3%.
  • If you do not use all these levels, then you can easily remove them in the “Fibo properties…” window after selecting and right clicking on the Fibonacci object.
  • The alerts for the removed levels will disappear automatically.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

  • I – toggle, by turns, help information and button showing indicator’s state.
  • R – reset voice alerts on the current chart, comes in handy when the voice alert was played but the price went in the opposite direction without hitting the level.
  • C – reset Fibonacci to automatic mode.
  • B – draw Fibonacci on previous ZigZag line.
  • N – draw Fibonacci on next ZigZag line.
  • F – flip Fibonacci (change forward method to backward and vice versa).

Customizable Inputs

Under ZigZag section you can set:

  • Depth, Deviation, Backstep are standard inputs of the common ZigZag delivered with MT5 Terminal

Under Fibonacci section you can define:

  • Amount of ZigZag lines - how many ZigZag lines you need to navigate in to the past.
  • On which ZigZag line you want to auto draw the Fibonacci tool.
  • Forward method allows you to place Fibonacci tool upside down, depending on whether you are looking for trend resistance alerts. Set it to true.
  • How many points before the price reaches a level you would like to hear a voice alert.
Ahmad Bajeaifir
Ahmad Bajeaifir 2016.08.06 14:54 

Very good, but can not change the color.

Kirstie Baker
Kirstie Baker 2016.07.17 23:36 

Good points:

Very accurate "automatic" fib levels, the best I've seen.

Bad points:

ZERO customer support

ZERO customizable features; i.e Cannot remove/add fib levels, change colour etc;

Changes chart properties i.e Disables chart auto scroll etc;

Due to limitations I no longer use it.