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Smart MA

Standard Moving Average is a good indicator but unfortunately, it generates too many false signals.

Smart MA indicator addresses that issue.

Smart MA consists of four complementary blocks:

  • Trendline filters out most false signals, while its core is Moving Average.
  • RSi is a common RSi having a non-trivial function - here it assists in defining oversold/overbought zones, trend power and probability of its reversal.
  • ZigZag displays trend reversals.
  • Fibo lines assist in defining support/resistance levels.

Configuring the Indicator

Block 1. Setting Moving Average

  • Period_MA and Method_MA are configured as a standard Moving Average
  • Classic_MA - trend line construction method
  • Step_MA - degree of proximity to the standard Moving Average. The smaller the value, the more it is similar to the standard МА

Block 2. Configuring RSi

  • Show_RSI_HISTOGRAM - show/hide RSi
  • Period_RSi - RSi period

Block 3. Configuring ZigZag

  • Show_ZigZag - show/hide ZigZag

Block 4. Configuring FIBONACCi

  • Show_FIBONACCi_1 - show/hide Fibo lines by the last wave
  • Show_FIBONACCi_2 - show/hide Fibo lines by the next-to-last wave

Block 5. Configuring arrows, text and signals

For Developers

int start()
int Trend;
//the second buffer is used to define a trend
Trend = iCustom(NULL,0,"Smart MA",2,0);
if (Trend==1) {Print ("Trend UP. Only BUY"); }
if (Trend==-1) {Print ("Trend DOWN. Only SELL"); }
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