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BinarySHREKer 60seconds trades or longer

This is a No-Repaint-Strategy for binary options.

If the price reaches an overbought or oversold and the trend is again in the other direction, the indicator issues a signal via alert, sound, mail and/or notification.

You can decide whether you want to execute the suggested trade or not.

Runs on all timeframes and with many different expiration times! The higher the timeframe, the accurate are the signals.

We recommend M15 or M30 timeframe.


  • Expiry: Expiry time for the trades for a list
  • Signal Bar: 0 = current bar (immediately), 1-5 = trade at the next 1-5 bar
  • Show Past WIN-Lost Results in Chart: true = Win/Lost results of the past signals are evaluated on the chart, false = no WIN or LOST results
  • Alert, Mail, Notification, Sound: true = if there is a signal, an alert and/or a message is displayed
  • View Results: true = show results
  • View Results of the 1. Signal: true = show past results
  • View Results of the 2. Signal: true = show past results
  • Follow Trade if Lost: Simulate 0-5 follow trades, if the trade before is Lost
  • Martingale only at Volatility: true = Show the max. Martingale Trades only if the Volatility is sufficient
  • Start Hour: Start hour for results
  • Stop Hour: Stop hour for results
217819606 2015.10.03 19:39 

No good at all many fales signals sadly.I do not recommend it a

Version 3.51 - 2016.08.11
Update 3.51:
You can now change the factors for the indicator.
Strength Index (of 2 upwards)
Volume Scanner (of 4 upwards)
Long-Term Period (of 14 upwards)
Version 3.30 - 2016.05.23
Update 3.3:
indicator now compatible with our "All in one" EA
My Binary Option EA Fullversion
Version 3.21 - 2016.01.21
- Fixed error in calculation of the results at the follow trades
- New description
Version 3.1 - 2015.12.03
- The results are now displayed in the chart.
- Revised the settings.
Version 3.0 - 2015.11.23
As of version 3.0:
new design
Version 1.25 - 2015.10.06
Version 1.3

• VisibleResults: Display the success rate in the current chart using the current settings
• Calculate_FirstSignal: considered 1.Signal
• Calculate_SecoundSignal: considered Reversal signal

It displays the results in the chart version 1.3. You can therefore decide if this currency pair and the timeframe is good for your trading or not.

The results in the timeframe M15 can be seen. Even the Lost in a row is manageable.

You can open another trade in Martingale also from the 1st signal after each candle in Lost. With the 6. Trade in Martingale you can make a win again.
Version 1.24 - 2015.09.14
You can now separately adjust Alerts/Notifications, etc. for the first signal and the second signal.

- AllowAlerts_First = true: Gives you an alert at the first signal
- AllowAlerts_Second = true: Gives you an alert at the second signal

Version 1.23 - 2015.09.10
Now the signals will be calculate new if you change the timeframe.
There are no signals from other charts visible.

The indicator is a "no-repaint-Indicator".
(Only if the indicator give you a signal at a new bar.)

If the signal is to immediately come, this signal is also kept in the current chart.
Only when you restart the chart, the signals are different.

For the following reason:
If at this second the signal is come, the market look different at the next second.
When you restart the chart only the complete bars are used to calculate, not every tick.