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This is a simple and reliable trade copier. The EA is designed to copy trades from one or several accounts to one or several accounts.

It is easy to use. You do not have to specify paths to files etc. Just specify number of the account to copy trades from and attach the same EA to this account.

  • As you have understood, you need to attach one EA to both accounts. But the Account parameter of the EA, where trades will be copied to, must be set to the account number(s) from which these trades are copied.
  • You can leave the order volume equal to the source volume (K_Lot=1) or multiplied by the ratio K_Lot. For example, you want to diminish all trades ten times towards the source account, so you need to set K_Lot = 0.1.
  • You can also invert all trades of the main account. The revers parameter serves for this purpose. In this case all buy positions of the source account will be opened as sell on your account. Revers and K_Lot parameters are available in EAs attached to source accounts.
  • The EA has the TimeOpen parameter which is the time period for opening an order. For example if TimeOpen=10, and the order has been opened at 09:00:00 on the source account, the order on the receiving account will be placed not later than 09:00:10. It ensures that orders will not be opened later when the movement is passed.

Pay attention to time of terminals. If the source account time loses comparing to the receiving account time, you need to specify this in the parameter. For example time of the terminal to copy orders from is 12:00, and time of the receiving terminal is 13:00 (one hour difference). So you need to add 3600 seconds to TimeOpen.

I added indication to control such orders. Set TimeOpen=0 to disable time control.

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